MFA University of Washington, Seattle, WA

BA University of California, Santa Barbara, CA



2016   Camargo Foundation residency

2015   the Stranger Genius Award, visual art

2014   New Foundation travel grant

           SOMA, residency mexico City, Mexico 

2013   Art Matters Foundation Grant Recipient,  New York, NY

2012   Artist in Residence, Seattle University, Seattle, WA

2010    MacDowell Colony, Pollock/Krasner Fellowship/Residency, Peterborough NH

2009   Edmonds Community College, Lynnwood, WA (residency)

2009    JentelArts, Sheridan, WY (residency)        

2003    Northwest Institute of Architecture & Urban Studies in Italy (NIAUSI) (residency)

2002    Oregon College of Arts and Crafts (residency and workshop director)

2000   Neddy Fellowship, Behnke Foundation, Seattle, WA (painting award recipient)

1998    Neddy Fellowship, Behnke Foundation, Seattle, WA (finalist, painting award)

1997    Artist Trust Ten-Year Presidents' Award for Artistic Achievement and Leadership      

1997    Art Workshop, Association of Museums of Painting and Sculpture, Istanbul (residency) 

1995    Art Matters Foundation, New York City, NY (individual artist fellow)




2016    impossible monument (nothing but the memory) Oxbow, Seattle, Wa.

2015   what stays the same is never so, James Harris Gallery , Seattle, Wa

2013     Seattle University Vachon Gallery, Seattle, WA

2012     from a history of ruin, James Harris Gallery, Seattle, WA

2010    if thinking is form: a visual diary, Edmonds Community College, Lynwood, WA

2009   and the edge becomes the center, James Harris Gallery, Seattle, WA

2007    in an instant, James Harris Gallery, Seattle WA

2006   this world and mine, James Harris Gallery, Seattle,WA

2000   palimpsest, Richard Hugo House, Seattle, WA

1999    myself inside your story, onsite drawing, Archer Gallery, Clark College, Vancouver, WA

1998    if thinking is form, Meyerson & Nowinski Art Assoc., Seattle, WA

1996    myself inside your story, Meyerson & Nowinski Art Assoc., Seattle, WA

1995    Four Corners, open studio, Seattle, WA

1994    Notes, Pulliam Deffenbaugh Nugent Gallery, Portland, OR

1989    Espana, Linda Farris Gallery, Seattle, WA

1988    And Now This, "Eyes of Love; Windows on AIDS" project Seattle, WA

1988    The Pool, 911 Contemporary Arts Center windows project, Seattle, WA

1987    eide (working drawings), Linda Farris Gallery, Seattle, WA

1985    The Picture Wall, Linda Farris Gallery, Seattle, WA

1984    Notes Towards the Picture Wall, Whatcom County Museum, Bellingham, WA

1984    Silent Partners, Marylhurst College, Portland, OR

1983    Silent Partners, Linda Farris Gallery, Seattle, WA

1981    New Work, Linda Farris Gallery, Seattle, WA

1980    site unseen, Henry Art Gallery, University of Washington, Seattle, WA



2015   Genius/21st Century, Frye Art Museum, Seattle, Wa.

           out of site, King Street Station, Seattle, Wa.

2013   Chamber Music, Frye Art Museum, Seattle, Wa.

2011    Seattle As Collector, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, WA

2010    A Show of Hands:Northwest Women Artists 1880-2010, Whatcom Museum, Bellingham, WA

2010   mirror,mirror, James Harris Gallery, Seattle, WA

2007   Northwest Biennial, Tacoma Art Museum, Tacoma, WA 

2006    Junctions, James Harris Gallery, Seattle, WA    

2005    A Decade of Excellence: Celebrating the Neddy Artist Fellowship, Tacoma Art Museum

2005    Lucky 7 , WinstonWachter Fine Art, Seattle, WA

2004   Perspectives; Selections for City of Seattle 1% Program , Trade & Convention Center, Seattle, WA

2004   Paperworks, Platform Gallery, Seattle, WA

2003   Variations of Abstraction, City Space Convention Center, Seattle, WA

2002    Northwest Masters, City Space Convention Center, Seattle, WA

2002   Artist in Residence, Hoffman Gallery, OCAC, Portland, OR

2000    Neddy Fellowship, Behnke Foundation invitational, Seafirst Gallery, Seattle, WA

1998    Neddy Fellowship, Behnke Foundation invitational, Seafirst Gallery, Seattle, WA

1998    Drawing, national invitational, Meyerson & Nowinski Art Assoc., Seattle, WA

1998    Northwesterners, Fresh Paint Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1997    Meeting in Art I, International Art Workshop, invitational, Istanbul, Turkey

1996    Surface Stories, Clark College, Vancouver, WA

1995    Visionaries, Bumbershoot Arts Festival, Seattle , WA

1995   Metaphor, Pulliam Deffenbaugh Gallery, Portland, OR

1995   Seattle Noir, invitational Vox Populi Gallery, Seattle, WA

1994   Spatial Flux: A Means of Expression, Seattle Center Pavilion, Seattle, WA

1994   Telling Stories: Looking for Narrative in Visual Art, Newmark Center, Seattle, WA

1993   invitational, 1004 Gallery Port Townsend, WA

1993   Art Works for AIDS, invitational, Seattle, WA

1993   Proposals: New Projects at the Por, Italia Gallery, Seattle, WA

1992    Lingua Franca, Falkirk Cultural Center, Richmond, CA

1992   Women Painters in the Northwest, Viking Gallery, Bellingham, WA

1992   Bill of Rights, David Shearer Gallery, Seattle, WA

1992  Poncho Invitational, Security Pacific Gallery, Seattle, WA

1991   The Big and The Small of It, Northview Gallery, Portland Comm. Col., Portland, OR

1991   Artists Respond to the War, Traver Gallery, Seattle, WA

1991   Visual AIDS Project, New York City, NY

1991   Poncho Invitational, Security Pacific Gallery, Seattle, WA

1991   Notes towards Akbar’s Muse, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA

1991   Notes towards Akbar’s Muse, Linda Farris Gallery, Seattle, WA